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I went to Orlando, Florida, 2 years ago,on holiday - and looked through the local phone book. I visited a number of model shops, an RC hobby shop, Daytona, even Toys R US, and never found a single slot car for sale. When I asked over the counter, at a few hoppy shops and model shops, I got weird looks (maybe my accent tho
) and the reply "OOO... we stoped selling them, theres some guy in Tampa trying to get rid of some old stock, but I dont know any where that still sells the new ones"....
I was really dissapointed that Daytona didnt sell Scalex Nascars, Its one car that I think really aint my cup of tea
Not nascar racing - I love it, but the scalex cars just look like jelly moulds on wheels. But being at Daytona, I would have had to buy at least 2.

I was hoping to find some custom made wireframe dragsters
, and I never even found a slot club in the book either.
Maybe, I really wasnt going to the right places..
Lets us know how you get on
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