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looking for advice on new laptop purchase,specs etc

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hi. i intend to make use of the pc world sale and treat myself to a new laptop,this will replace an ageing and it would be great to know specs would be needed to make ssdc run as smooth as possible. The only thing i have decided on so far is that it must have wi-fi,bluetooth and have 3 usb ports. So if anyone can recommend a reliable machine that would be great.
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Acre are ok, on the whole. From my recent experience with wireless throttles from Andy and Cat, having a decent Bluetooth device with new drivers is more important.

The Acer in the PC World sale is more than up to the job

I think the problem with the Atom netbook is the poor performance on the bus, more than processor or memory.

Ref Ubuntu - just run XP or W7 via VMWare, saves a lot of faffing. My earlier non-wireless SSDC setup did this wonderfully. I haven't yet had time to set the wireless throttles up on the Ubuntu box yet.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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