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looking for advice on new laptop purchase,specs etc

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hi. i intend to make use of the pc world sale and treat myself to a new laptop,this will replace an ageing and it would be great to know specs would be needed to make ssdc run as smooth as possible. The only thing i have decided on so far is that it must have wi-fi,bluetooth and have 3 usb ports. So if anyone can recommend a reliable machine that would be great.
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Assuming you've got Windows 7 you just need to be connected to the internet and plug the cable into any of the computer usb sockets - it doesn't need to be connected to the APB for this part - click yes to any questions & it should look for and install the ftdi driver automatically via Windows update. Usually it is automatic but you might need to authorise Windows to go searching for drivers depending on your setup - it will automatically ask if necessary.

You can unzip SSDC anywhere and then click double click on setup.exe to install it. After installation you should have an SSDC icon on the desktop to launch the program. (you can then delete both the zip & the unzipped files if you want).

Good luck - it should be a breeze to install.

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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