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looking for advice on new laptop purchase,specs etc

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hi. i intend to make use of the pc world sale and treat myself to a new laptop,this will replace an ageing and it would be great to know specs would be needed to make ssdc run as smooth as possible. The only thing i have decided on so far is that it must have wi-fi,bluetooth and have 3 usb ports. So if anyone can recommend a reliable machine that would be great.
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Dad says that most laptops will be fine, although he suggests Windows 7, at least 2GB RAM, hard disk size doesn't matter, and the fastest processor you can afford. I use SSDC on my netbook (Intel Atom processor), 2GB memory and Windows 7 Starter. It works fine for 1-2 cars, but the processor is too slow for 6 cars.
More comments from dad - he prefers Intel processors and says that anything with an i5 quad core will be more than you need for SSDC. the i3 dual core will be fine for SSDC. Depends what else you want to do with the laptop as to which you get.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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