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looking for advice on new laptop purchase,specs etc

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hi. i intend to make use of the pc world sale and treat myself to a new laptop,this will replace an ageing and it would be great to know specs would be needed to make ssdc run as smooth as possible. The only thing i have decided on so far is that it must have wi-fi,bluetooth and have 3 usb ports. So if anyone can recommend a reliable machine that would be great.
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Ade - Just to follow up on what Cat added - I'd say that the £299 laptop above would be fine.

Its worth noting that you don't want CPU to be high with the APB - the reason is that SSDC is processing the throttle signal in "real time", receiving the throttle values from the powerbase, processsing them (based on fuel load, throttle curves, speed limits etc etc etc) and then sending them back to the powerbase to drive the car. If the PC is anything above 40% CPU, you can occasionally notice an amount of lag. This is quite different from the PB-Pro, where the powerbase is doing most of the work, and SSDC is simply displaying what is going on (with a very small amount of powerbase interraction). That is why SSDC v4 could run on the oldest laptop you could find. V5 with the APB needs a bit more grunt.

With regards to memory, 2GB is the minimum, because Windows 7 pretty much takes the first 1GB. You need to make sure that Windows is not running out of memory, because if it does, the resulting swapping of memory to disk will kill performance.

Windows 7 is best, because the bluetooth stack (for wireless throttles later) is much better than previous versions.

I hope that this helps.
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