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Looking for an SCX Xsara or two

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Hi all,

If anyone's got this one in reasonable nick and is interested in moving it on then please allow me to offer a good home!

Also if any of these are left in existence, beyond our battered old lane cars at the club, I could also be very tempted!

Many thanks
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Thanks Kev - turns out it's the Sainz car, but thank you! I usually check Slotrail for older stuff, brain-slip this time!

Gareth - if you have got multiple ones or knackered ones I'll happily get my trowel out and do a 'Time Team' on your collection! Besides, you need to make room for all the completed Airfix Fiestas and SRGB Skodas!

Hi Jonnynobber - thanks, but I'm being an anorak and only looking for the two Loeb cars. I remember watching the 2002 Monte and being blown away by how good he was, and the 2006 Xsara in blue is my all-time favourite livery.
Alas, poor Bugalski is no longer with us

'Twould be a shame to relivery an heirloom - but thank you!
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Just won the 2002 Xsara on the auction.

The 2006 car is now keeping me up at night. If anyone sees one please shout GO!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just found your post Stu, thanks! Already PM'd you about your cars
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Back of the net!

All sorted now, Xsaras coming out of my ears... thanks PoloStu
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