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Looking for info

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I'll be doing a relivery on an MRRC Cobra and want to replicate a car driven by Allen Grant called the "Executor".

The car is # 96 and was sponsored by "Coventry Motors, pomin creek". As I mentione the drive was Allen Grant and his mech. was Ole Olsen. The reliver is based on a 1/43 dicast in my collection.

Is anyone familiar with this car?

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That pretty much describes one of the Reprotec Cobras.

All your points of reference are correct apart from one, it has "Walnut Creek", not "pomin".


Another Picture:

Cobra Coupe (Reprotec - RT1964) Santa Barbara

Image courtesy

This post reminds me, I hope we don't have to wait long for this MRRC version:

MC0013 Shelby Cobra Silver 2004

Image courtesy

Patiently waiting.

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The very same!

You boys are hot this afternoon!

Hi Greenman,

Here's an excellent feature from Mark Gussins site Coventry Cobra

and here's the real deal in action at the 1963 Riverside.
Jamie - another top signature illustration!
Thanks, gents!

If anyone runs into more pix... well, I won't turn em down...

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