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Does anyone know a source for Sunoco Blue paint? Failing that can anyone suggest the formula to mix the color?

I'm in the process of converting a Monogram Grand Sport from Coupe to a Roadster. I want to finish the car as the Penske #10 car that was driven by Dick Gulstrand


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Try this place...highly touted by professional modelers. I have used their products before and the color is wonderfully replicated. Most every color is air brush only but a good portion of it is also offered in spray can. I believe it to be model car paint, not automotive paint so it is not as "hot" to the plastic but use a primer coat anyway. I did on a model and it was fantastic stuff, lays down very smooth.

Model Car World Automotive Finishes

From their listings, this is brobably what you need...

Sunoco - 2027 bl, 2085 yel ('96+)*#2058 yel/*#2059 rd

see the site or email them to be sure though.
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