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Lost Photobucket pictures

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As most people are aware the actions of Photobucket in removing 3rd party hosting has totally destroyed millions of topics in forums all over t'internet. This forum is no exception and huge numbers of valuable historic track builds etc have become virtually useless.

Now that we have direct uploading of photos here it is possible to rebuild them if their owners still have the originals on their hard drives and are prepared to do the necessary work of replacing them.

I can give anybody temporary permission to edit their old topics so, if you would like to rebuild any of them, send me a PM and I will arrange it.
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Thanks Brian I will get myself ready to repair where I can
Thanks Duncan!!!
For how long is a temporary permission activated and what is involved? I have edited text and pictures on the old site within the editingtime frame.
As long as you need, within reason. Most so far have been done for 4 weeks but happy to extend if you need more time.

It is the same as the normal editing procedure. Just replace the Photobucket ransom demand with the original photos from your hard drive using the direct upload facility. If the photos are only stored on PB then you would need to retrieve them first by downloading them back onto your hard drive.
I strongly recommend that all of us Photobucket Hostages take up CMOTD's offer. I thought it would take me an age but it was all done in a couple of weeks, off and on work. That was dozens of complex posts and hundreds of images, all now future-proofed.

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...... maybe a good idea to have an independent backup as well ........ just in case ...... :eek:
Oh yes - I've got a 'Slot Forum' folder in my computer with everything stored in a heirarchical structure. I could reconstruct everything with even less effort the next time. But we trust Slot Forum with our lives, right?

I'm struggling to download my photos from Photobucket. Stupid website has somehow managed to get worse which I didn't think was possible! The download keeps failing to launch. Trying again now. Has to be a bulk download as I don't fancy trying to download 2000 photos 1 at a time.
Mine are in Albums (= folders) and if you go into one there's a bunch of tiny blue options a the bottom right of the page, one of which is Download. I've just tried this then got lost in a verification minefield. The ads that interrupt you every 10 secs and freeze the page are a gas too!

I have backups of all my photos although many will need resizing (or does the SlotForum upload resize them?).

Very happy to rebuild all the threads linked in my signature. If only to cock a snook at the social pariahs at Photobucket.
The software will automatically resize them, although it may reject really huge ones.
I felt that, in most of the threads that I had Photobucket photos in, that just replacing my photos would still leave a thread with lots of photo gaps and not be easy to follow.

So I have chosen to make a new, standalone, thread of my main track build, 'Little Monte' rally track. This seems to be the easiest way to deal with the problem.

Regards, Lloyd.
Thank you for offering to host pictures. Most BBs do not put a limit on how long you can edit your posts, but I will request being allowed to do that if necessary. For now my Photobucket pictures are still working, I do not expect that to last forever. I am no longer using Photobucket for my new pictures. I have started a new database for the latest pictures that I have posted, that includes the date of the post, the file name of the picture, a clickable link to the location on my computer and also the BB code for each picture. It looks like people do not usually go back to the beginning of a long thread, so I do not intend to edit many old posts.
Well I have 11 years worth probably around 750 pics at least
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I went to Photobucket yesterday to grab an old picture, but the IMG code was not available, I had to take the Direct characters and add the IMG stuff myself. That worked OK, when I checked today the IMG code was back. Go figure.
I find using photo bucket on a pc has many glitches and so slow. I find the phone app works perfect and quick. Ridiculous.
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