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Lotus 63 progress so far

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Thanks to Russell's inspiration and help I've made progress on my entry for the F-1 race. Just like the original it's complicated as hell.
It started as a Classic shell...then the nose was rebuilt to incorporate a scale radiator vent, OK so I went this far and decided to create the tube and upper body like the real thing, this left an opportunity to include a scale interior.
The rear wing is modeled after the late season car, cantelevered out using carbon fibre wing supports, and the front are adjustable again modeled around a carbon fibre spar.
Next to be done is the top on the engine, windshield, dash wires, and oil cooler.
It's four wheel drive with a Scale auto can, squat ball bearings and epoxied and balanced slot-it arm.
If time allows the motor will be lightened considerably.

Beardog Racing
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Just hold on while I pop my eyeballs back into their sockets!

OK, that's better. Looks like a take no prisoners kinda car - remember what Fate said: it's not about winning

Great stuff Chris
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