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QUOTE (dragracer @ 24 Oct 2011, 16:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Is the STP car added
1/a kit ?
2/ scratchbuilt for home?
3/scratchbuilt for club use?
would there be a class to race indy car? and anything else which may help id and of course what parts do I need to complete?
The chassis is scratch built.
Could have been built either for club or for home use.
Indycars were raced at the Nats up to 1966, for 1967 they were F1s but Indycars were back in again by the mid 70s (see Tony Condon's book) - I think there were lots of clubs with classes for Indycars in the late 60s. I'd guess that chassis was built when the body was new - late 67 ish

To complete you'll need axles - I'm guessing 1/8 threaded but check the wheels are threaded and axle bearing size.
Gears - may well have used Taylormade
Motor - not sure if it's 13UO or 16D size. Try the 16D size one from the Elan - OK if it fits, if too big try a 13UO
Guide - to suit the pivot hole - what size is the pivot hole? Most likely 1/8 or 3/16
Doesn't look like it has ever run with that body. Maybe it ran with a body that was damaged and went in the bin, could even be an unfinished project that never ran.
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