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As part of the Lotus Motor Club, for emplyees of Lotus (currently around 1500 emplyees at both Lotus cars, and Lotus Engineering, soon to be 1150 emplyees....
They run a yearly slot car championship.
The championship this year was 6 rounds.

Each round has 3 classes, standard, open and speciallity.
The track used is Ninco track, 2 lane at every event, with a different track at every event as well, set up in the Lotus club house. Tracks this year have ranged from Monza, Spa to an almost identicle copy of the Lotus test track that runs the length of the clubhouse!!! This is very interesting, as its self marshalling, so if your car comes off the track in a race, you have to put it on yourself, the Lotus Test track has a VERY long straight, followed by a 180 degree corner, so if you crash, you have to RUN!!!

The Standard class is always 2 identicle cars (different colours..) provided by the club. This year, we had 2 scalextric beetles left over, so caravans were added to these for this year!!!! This made racing very slow, but VERY entertaining. This was the closest class.

Open class has very simple rules, the main one is that if you have magnets, your car must fall from a piece of upturned track.

Speciallity class is different every race. This year we had:
Night race (room lights turned out)
Sideways challenge - Yep, get as much sideways you can on a short oval
Pre 70s cars
No Magnet
Lotus Cars (this is where we use the Lotus track)
Cars from TV and Film (plus special cup for best presented car)

In speciallity, I ran my modified Lola for Night race, a Proslot Toyota GT1 with no magnet for Sideways and No magnet, I didnt have a Pre 70s car. For Lotus, I got a Poly body of a Lotus Carlton, and put it on another Scalextric Lola Chassis, good fit actually. The cars from TV and film was the best, I got a Carrera Dodge charger, and painted it orange, and made some decals to put on it. It is "the General Lee" from Dukes of Hazzard.
It was this race that got me into slot car racing, as I bought the Dodge for my first race last year. This being my first race, the dodge not only won the special cup for best charicter car, but also won the race!!! and that in the final round was against a poly bodied modified car, that had a White Lotus Esprit shell (007 car) My Dodge did however require a fair bit of tweeking to go fast, and that was without me knowing anything about it

There are no points that go towards the chanpionship from speciallity, only from Standard and Open. Of the 6 rounds, the best scores from 4 rounds are counted.
Points are 5 for 1st place, 4 for second etc, 5th to 8th place gets 1 point each.

In Open class, my Scalextric Lola (different motor, shaved front tyres, modified std bodywork, extra magnet, but not illegal - just...) did me proud. 20 out of 20 points gave me the clear class win. (4 wins, 2 second)

I wasnt so good in Standard class. There was a tie for first place with 18 out of 20 points each, and I came 3rd with 16 points.

This was enough to give me the championship win though by 2 points ahead

The champoinship cup has been at Lotus since 1969, and has the winners names engraved. OK it was un-used for 30 years (1972 till 1999) but still, what a nice piece of history to keep for a year.

I will get round to taking some pictures of my cars, especially as the Dukes of Hazzard car is going on Ebay soon, and I will include both trophies that car won, and I will post the pictures here.

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QUOTE (Coopdevil @ 19 Nov 2004, 16:28)QUOTE (mr-geoff @ 18 Nov 2004, 13:55)Tracks this year have ranged from Monza, Spa to an almost identicle copy of the Lotus test track that runs the length of the clubhouse!!!
Is the track in the Lotus Challenge game (PS2 etc.) the same as the test track? I have always assumed it was but wasn't too sure.

Yep, the track in the game is nearly the same as the test track, although we have 2 extra bends/chicanes, 1 at either end of the main straight that arnt in the game, although we put a crossover at the end of the scale version.

Oh, we dont have the grandstands either!!! these really confused me, the first time I played the game...

The other thing that isnt apparent in the game, is the different track surfaces used.
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