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· Jim Moyes
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It's great to see old traditions like this one being ressurrected, especially at such a significant venue with regard to the history of British motor racing!

How can you part with a car that has so much personal "history" for you, Mr-Geoff? I hope you don't regret it later!

On a personal note, through the wonders of Friends Re-United, I found out that an old school chum is/was a Project Manager at Lotus. Now I realise you couldn't possibly know all the 1500 ( I hope you're not one of the unlucky 350) people there, but with the co-incidences that have been happening to me lately, I thought it might be worth asking. Glenn Thomas is the name! Of him, not me!


PS I realise I could join the FR-U "club" and contact him directly, but I find it hard to suppress my Scottish ancestry sometimes.
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