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I don't know if this would work for a Chappy, but I've seen people use plastic strips cut from a sheet of clapboard house siding for railroad scenery (maybe Plastruct brand?). These can then be applied directly to the surface of the car, although I think they look a lot better if you scribe and cut a very shallow recess for them so that only the "fins" protrude.

I have also resorted to simply copying louvres from existing cars. Find examples that are sharp and the right size and apply modeling clay to make a mold. Mix up 15-minute epoxy and pour into mold. After it sets up but before it becomes brittle, pick out the louver and gently bend to the correct contour. After it dries thoroughly you can then recess it into the body.

This kind of work can be tedious but I find it pretty rewarding.

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