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lovespeed porsche 60K10

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Have been thinking about splashing out on on one of these.......

(pics from

Am wrestling with the cost as i'd go for a RTR. It would be an internet purchase so buying blind I could do with a little advice - has anyone got one? seen one in the flesh? Is the quality that good and how do they run? (not planning to thrash it but would be nice to see the thing move).

Having just bought a MMK I've got a horrible feeling I'm about to be dragged into an expensive resin habit
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The Slot Classic cars have the best reputation for detail but don't run as well as some others. The Protoslot using Fly running gear so that should run quite fast. If you want to break into resin take a look at MMK. These maybe the best compromise between Looks, speed and price. I have the Peugeot "Darl'Mat" and am considering either of these two:

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I can't disagree with Bump, the Slot Classic is the gold standard but then they are quite a bit more expensive than the MMKs. I plan on replacing the wire wheels with some BWAs and as far as the missing clear plastic bits I got something cooking there as well. It's all hush, hush but hopefully the results will speak for themselves.

Just a word of caution with the Protoslots, not all of their bodies are as true to scale as the others but the Porsche shown is one of my favorites. Electric Dreams has some instructions on their website on what needs to be done.

One last word on most of these cars. If you are expecting more detail than current mass-produced RTRs you'll be dissapointed. The details are softer, not as sharp as the plastic cars and there is no tampo printing but rather hand applied decals. What you do get is a hand-made car that to me at least has something that no RTR has, personality. A minature work of art that you'll cherish more than 10 RTRs.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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