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lovespeed porsche 60K10

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Have been thinking about splashing out on on one of these.......

(pics from

Am wrestling with the cost as i'd go for a RTR. It would be an internet purchase so buying blind I could do with a little advice - has anyone got one? seen one in the flesh? Is the quality that good and how do they run? (not planning to thrash it but would be nice to see the thing move).

Having just bought a MMK I've got a horrible feeling I'm about to be dragged into an expensive resin habit
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okay so I guess nobody has any knowlegde of the lovespeed Porsche so how about these two which are next on the potential list...........

Slot Classic Mercedes

Protoslotkit Porsche 908

Photos from

Same questions as before I guess and as much as I like talking to myself I would love some informed input

Have been selling off some stuff on ebay to justify/fund some new purchases

In the meantime I'll just have to satisfy myself with the thought of replicating the finish of the 69 Le Mans over and over with that 908 and my scalex GT40.........
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Thankyou all for your help, not having any first hand experience of these cars your expertise is invaluble.

Have decided to go for the lovespeed, foroslots new pictures just underline how stunning this car looks.

Larry Ls - I believe you are right, there is some interesting history of the cars at

".......What you do get is a hand-made car that to me at least has something that no RTR has, personality. A minature work of art that you'll cherish more than 10 RTRs."

".......They are tremendous cars for some spirited "gentleman driving" around your track."

Just the sort of advice/confirmation that I was looking for

The Porsche 356 is the MMK which I bought a couple of weeks ago and what sparked the interest in this new area of slots which I had previously considered out of reach, but I have realised, as Dennis states, that i'd much rather have a smaller collection of higher quality than stacks of plastic much of which I bought on ebay whims.

Not sure I'm going to be able to resist the slot classic mercedes either, right, i'm off to assess my finances.........
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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