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Low Lands Suzuka Double Digital 2022...Reloaded May 14-15th 2022

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Dear Slotrace friends
It took a year longer than planned, as did a lot of plans during the Covid 19 pandemic, but under the current conditions...
...the Src Eindhoven has decided to go a head and organise their 7th edition of the Low Lands Suzuka Double Digital event.

Back on track..but not completely business as usual

As usual the double feature will include DiSCA GT3 racing on Saturday and the Suzuka 6hrs with DiSCA WEC cars (LMP1, LMP2, LMGT) on Sunday.
The last race had bumper grids of 16 teams for the WEC and a staggering 23 teams for GT3, off course we love and hope to see you all again.
After spending almost 1,5 year under social distancing conditions...we missed you.
When you return to our club in'll find that the track hasn't changed, the hospitality hasn't changed, but the required footwear for your Slotcars has.
The Suzuka double Digital will be the first event run to DiSCA 2022 rules, meaning the new harder and taller (20,8mmø) Scaleauto SC-2020 procomp 4 wheels for the GT3's...
...and the new taller (20,8mmø) PT1171G25 tires for the WEC races.
With the G25 replacing both the "old N18 and F22 compound" there will be no longer a need to "change compounds" during the race.
So far for the regular slotrace stuff...onto the more serious changes.
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Above: Bumper grids for the 2020 6hrs WEC race 16 cars divided in GT LM, LMP2 and LMP1, Below: Busy crowd @ the line up for the 2020 GT3 race. 23 teams, 23 cars and 49 drivers competing
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Max 15 teams for both GT3 and WEC
Although Covid related restrictions are being lifted more and more, as good hosts we want to remain prudent, stay cautious and keep all those attending as safe & healthy as possible. Unfortunately this will mean that we need to perform some crowd control and have chosen to limit the number of attending teams for both the GT3 and WEC races to 15 teams. Due to the limited number we will accept one GT3 entry per WEC team but will increase the number of allowed drivers to more than 3.
We will also ask all of those attending to be able to supply or a Covid vaccination proof or a max 72 hrs old PCR test.
For those planning to attend from abroad, these will be required for your international travels anyway. So be advised that when you sort these matters well in time.

Entry fees & Registration
Teams that want to enter this event will be able to apply via the online entry form.
The Registration for the 2020 event will open on Oct 16th 18:00hrs GMT+2 (a link to the form will be posted here) and will close on Nov 20th.
Entry fees will be €80 for the WEC race and an additional 20 p/team for the GT3 support races.

If by Saturday Nov 20 we have more than 15 entries we will have to make a selection on who's in and who will go on the reserve list.

Although a fast finger is important in our beloved hobby, we do not think it should a decisive factor in the registration process.
So in case a selection will have to be made, the status of the Team registration (full description of car & min number of drivers), status of entry fee payment and previous participation(s) will be amongst the selection criteria,
On Nov 22nd the Src Eindhoven will publish the list of 15 teams that will be accepted for the 6hrs WEC race, with a further 4 applications to be placed on a reserve list.

Accepted entries are required to have payed their entry fee in full by December 4th, in case of non payment the first team on the reserve list will be granted an entry etc etc.
Final instructions, including the final entry list, firmware for chip and controller, and any travel considerations will be issued to team captains on Jan 5th.

As I mentioned earlier, Covid related restrictions are being lifted more and more, but there's always the chance that things will change during the coming winter months.
Should a team be prohibited to participate due to newly imposed Covid (travel) restrictions a full refund of the entry fees will be made.

But I'm positive that we wil be able to meet once Januari.
As usual I will be more than happy to answer any "international" queries here on the forum or via PM.
You can also follow the developments for the Suzuka Double Digital event via the Event page of SRC Eindhoven on facebook.

On behalf of the Src Eindhoven
With kind regards
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Corvette Racing, Corvette C8R #64 Le Mans 2021, registered for LM GT
Any updates on provisional entry list?
Knowing that there are more entries than spots on the grid...
Sad news, but not unexpected, given the circumstances regarding the current COVID situation.
Better to call it off/postponing the event at this moment, than waiting until it becomes inevitable and it has to be called off last minute.

For the moment Corvette Racing will keep the entry for the conceptual new date.
If anything changes, I'll let you know.
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Any news on whether the event will take place on the provisional date?
I've heard some (unofficial) news about some teams not being able to attend on the concept date of mid May...
Team Ford Racing, formerly Corvette Racing (can't deny, I'm a blue oval fanboy), is starting final body preparations for the next test session and race. Chassis is already up to scratch and has proven it's worth.
Now hand me the silicone 😂
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Today was D-day for the Ford Racing Ford GT GT1, making of the mould.
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I'll let the pics do the talking, but overall it's a success!
Clean and crisp lines and details copied in the mould, now I van prep the original plastic body for its' final paintjob, decals and detailing, ready for the next testday at Suzuka, May 1st.

Banana Saba banana Green Blue Hood

Azure Automotive tire Paint Hood Rectangle

Tire Green Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood
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Hi everyone
If there’s anyone attending with all of the available Sideways GT cars, or NSR McLaren, please could you bring them (for one day at least) so I can assess them for the DiSCA database?
I've got all of the Sideways except for the Ford GT "thingie".
They're in my polybutler all the time, so you can have either one 😉
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Thank God I'm currently in the final stages of paint with this Ford GT. It's been a hefty few weeks since it left the mould. Decalset that didn't fit as it should had me revert to brush painting (windows and lighting had already been fitted for the last testday).
Just a few days to finish decals and clearcoat the thing...
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Getting anxious now, but looking forward to another epic event. It's been far too long!
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