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I like NSR tyres and we use in our races here in Auckland.
There are plenty of NSR tyres that could fit this class but we go for the 5216: they are wide and tall so gluing and trueing are a must.
But you can easily cut them to be 10mm wide and 20mm tall and they have plenty of grip.
NSR tyres out of the box are not as nice as tyres: they have deep molding marks and the shape can be on the wonky side.
Valid alternatives to the G25 could be P6 tyres: just slap them on the rims and on ninco plenty of grip.

By the way, I like the idea of using the "spent" Procomp 3 as front ones.

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Look Gents, I'm not going to start a tyre discussion here for GT3, rather point back to the extensive testing we did in 2016, results to be found here in this post
We also did an extensive test with the G25 last September, perfect tyre for WEC, but GT3 is as Gary explained a different formula.

Procomp3 has suited the formula best so far (pun intended) Procomp4 will suit even better.
Like I said before...will see what we can do about availability. If that's not solved to our satisfaction by Jan 1st, we'll revert back to Procomp3.

On a side note: to bring costs down...during the chat with Scaleauto I'll also put in an other request to start selling the Procomp4 compound as Sponge donuts as well..., for club and personal use, the racers can resurface their used GT3 wheels with new sponge rubber.

With kind regards

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Provisional Entry list Suzuka 2022

Hello slot friends, sorry for the belated reply, for once 1/1 commitments prevailed over 1/32.
Below you'll find the provisional entry list for the 2022 edition of the Low Lands Suzuka double digital event.
Provisional as registration period will remain open till Nov 20th and entries are only "officially" granted once full entry fees have been received. (before Dec 1st)

Full Grid for 2022...+1
As mentioned before, Src Eindhoven was very happy to see that so many of the regular teams wanted to attend, and hoping to see some new faces on the grid. We'll we got what we wished for.
No less than 4 new teams have registered so far with a new candidate for the "traveler" award: Slotracing KSR from Sweden. That is, unless Olifer Racing does manage to get an entry in before nov 20th...they're working on it.

But as things are right know we have 16 registered teams, and after some consideration, the organization did not fancy excluding one team, we have decided to expand the max number of teams to 16.
Font Screenshot Parallel Rectangle Number

Possible Pre Qualification as 16 teams is really the max
Should we get an other entry before nov 21st, there will be no room for one more, we'll have to resort to other measures to get a good selection for the Suzuka 6hrs grid.
So if we have 17 or more registered teams by Nov 21st, we will grant 13 teams a direct entry to the 2022 6hrs race and organise a 4hrs Pre qualification race for the rest of the teams on Jan 16th 2022.

In case of Pre Qual, who's in and who's out.
Should we need to organize a pre qualification race we have devised a table in which each entry scores points based on criteria as previous participation, class & overall wins, but also having an entry for the 2022 LM 24hrs and travel distance are amongst the selection criteria.

First of all, some reassuring news for the "foreign" teams, aka those not coming from the Benelux/ German NRW area.
We realize it is utterly unrealistic to request these teams to attend any prequalification. So for those teams rest assured you will not be required to pre qualify.

Pre Qual, main prize...the 3 remaining places available on the Suzuka 6hrs grid.
In case we have a Pre Qualification, it will be a one day event (only Sunday Jan 16th), race duration will be 4 hrs, and there will be something to race for...namely the 3 remaining places open for the Suzuka 6hrs race on Jan 30th.
How these places will be awarded will depend on the race results and the number of entries in each class.

That's its for now, more news and updates after Nov 20th

on behalf of the Src Eindhoven
With kind regards

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Suzuka Double Digital 2022 Update

Nov 21st 2021
Goodmorning slotfriends, yesterday (nov 20th) was the closing date to register teams for the 2022 Low Lands Suzuka double digital event.
Yesterday the starting grid in Best looked like this...quite the opposite of what it will look like on Jan 29 and 30th...consider this as the quiet before the storm.
Water Wood Wood stain Flooring Font

Because were initially we had an entry limit of max 15 team that would be allowed to participate in the event...
...we'd received 16 Team registrations before the close of the registration period.
As we did not want to exclude just one team...and with a bit of a squeeze could host 16 teams....all 16 registrations have been accepted.
The race is on...everybody is in. The 7th edition of the Low Lands Suzuka will have bumper grids for both GT3 and WEC races 👍

So the race is on
To have to start first, each Team Captain will receive an email today with the details of their Team registration and payments due.
I'm expecting that all teams will have paid their entry fees by Dec 1st, many have done so already.
All foreign teams can now start making their final Travel plans book hotels etc etc. Src Eindhoven will set up an Airport Shuttle service as before.
Teams that want to make use of this service...please do keep us updated with your Arrival times and number of persons.

The Big..."But"...
Which will for the foreseeable future...still be the Corona Virus, I would advice all teams to inquire what possible Covid19 rules & restrictions will apply for their (inter)national Travel.
Current local (Dutch) restrictions and safety precautions do not interfere with the proceedings of the event. Should this change we will inform you a.s.a.p.
However current Dutch Covid19 measures do include the requirement of all attendees at the club premisses to be able to show either an (inter)national QR code or other proof of vaccination/recovery..or to be able to provide a (recent) Negative Covid test. This "rule" will also apply for all pre race testing and free practice sessions.
Last but not least: New Covid19 restrictions issued in Jan 2022 might include a restriction of club opening hours. If closing hours will be set @ 18:00hrs we'll move the time schedule possible early rise on Sunday Jan 30th.

Will as always kick off the Double Digital weekend on Saturday morning. As 2022 has no set plans for a complete Championship this will be treated as a "one off" event.
Due to the limited number of places on the driver rostrum Teams registered for the 6hrs WEC main event will be granted one entry each.
As you can see on the entry list 15 teams have requested a GT3 entry. The last place will either remain open (should that team decide to "claim" its GT3 entry)...
...or will be reserved for a possible wild card issued by the organization.

To allow all teams to run all their drivers in the GT3 cars, the max number of drivers will be increased to 4 (minimum will remain 2).
Instead of two 1 hr races we will run GT3 as one race of min 2hrs with pit windows for driver changes every 30min.
Procomp4 control tyre should have the endurance to make it to the end of the race,with the required 1,8 mm GC under the motor at the start of the race.
Scaleauto Procomp4 is reported as stocked by more and more retailers.
The Organization will also order some to help out those teams that might experience difficulties in sourcing them locally. But we won't buy 15 pairs ;)

Last but not least: Recent releases of GT3 slot cars by the main manufactures might not have made it into DiSCA homologation lists.
But as its a one off event we will accept entries with the Scalex AMR Vantage GT3, Sideways McLaren 720s GT3 and the Nissan GT-R GT3.
If you plan to enter one of these cars, please do notify us as we still have to determine under which conditions these cars will be allowed. (as in which lightweight parts will be allowed)
We will start evaluating these cars from Dec 1st and will issue a homologation form for them by dec 15th.

Font Rectangle Parallel Screenshot Number

Suzuka 6hrs WEC
Also not part of a full 2022 championship, but with the 9th edition of the DiSCA LM24 "reloaded" the Suzuka WEC race will serve as a prequel to "the big one" once a again.
No less than 7 of the 16 teams also have an entry for the 2022 LM 24hrs, and from the enthusiasm received for the return of the Suzuka event...
...had it been possible...many more would have liked to have been on that grid as well.
The grid sees many of the usual suspects, some teams returning with similar cars as in 2020.

New Control tire PT1171G25
New for 2022 will be the use of a single compound for the whole WEC race.Gone are the "prime" N18 and "Option" F22.
Testing with the G25 tires so far indicate lap times for all cars can drop by 0,3 sec compared to old compounds.

In line with LM24 entries some 2022 teams have switched over to AW configured LMP1cars (S-Slot, Sportscarazing and DSCA LMP1)
Biggest omission is not having a team Rockingham entry, but their place now taken by Swedish team Slotracing-KSR making their Suzuka debut with a Pescarolo LMP2.

LMP2 set for some hectic in class battles with Exiles taking on both the Swedes and former SV Workz Oreca07 (rebadged to DSCA LMP2).
Team 50+ maybe not the fastest LMP2 out there...but very consistent..they'll be there at the finish.

And I'm pretty sure that most of the GTLM cars will be in the fight right up there with the LMP2's, even at their increased 22 gr min bodyweight.
Mission8 will finally run the car it was named after and will be looking to extend there perfect score of class wins @ Suzuka...
...but will face strong opposition from Prospeed and their Corvette C7R (2020 race came down to the wire with just one lap difference) and Father&Son pairing in Slipstream 1 running a similar C7R.
Dark horse in GT will be the new (TA71) C8R prepped by Team captain Tim de Pooter entered as Corvette racing. Car should huge potential on its frist shakedown @ Suzuka nov 14th.
Last but not least, 3rd Slipstream team and returnees S-Druckt efforts most likely focus on out running the red lantern...but ready to pounce should other teams run into trouble.

Ok that's it for today's update...time for some F1

On behalf of the Src Eindhoven
With kind regards

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Font Event Advertising Magenta Screenshot

Dec 1st 2021 Update
Hello Slotfriends, as of today the full entry fee of all teams that had registered for the 2022 Suzuka Double Digital event were due, this final step would make their entries "official" I (and the SRC Club treasurer) am very pleased to inform you that all teams have done so.. but its not all good news, as unfortunately we've only collected fees from 15 teams.
Alas Covid is to blame for this bad news, we've had two cancellations due to the pandemic.
The good news however is that we've also managed to form a last minute 15th we've still got a full grid.

Official Entry list Suzuka Double Digital 2020
As you can see in the table below, we've lost the ProSpeed and Slipstream 3 entries, we wish them all the best (pun intended) and hope to see them back on the grid in future times.
We welcome the new team United Colors, with DiSCA regulars Maurizio Ferrari, Dave Maddock and Paul vd Hurk.
They will give's latest Nissan GT-R GT3 its race debut in both DiSCA GT3 and DiSCA WEC races.
You will also find the "provisional" O2 ID's for the teams, provisional as in that they may be changed during the race weekend should any of the teams encounter interference on "their" O2 channel.
Font Material property Parallel Screenshot Rectangle

Final Call Jan 15th 2022

Do note that although most teams have by now picked their drivers and cars...some cars are still not set.
This does seem to effect the British teams more than most ;)
Sportscarazing still not sure of running the Audi 18...or reverting back to their trusted Pescarolo... which after last weekend R'ham race is in need of some TLC.
At the same race weekend Exiles Team Captian mr John Underwood kindly informed if we could prepare "artwork" for the Spotters guide for 4 cars 🤪

I would like to ask all teams to check the data included in the "official" entry list, names spelling, cars the lot. Final call for any changes will be Jan 15th 2022.
Change stuff afterwards and you do run the risk of having the wrong team name, car and or drivers on the spotters guide and...possible trophies.

Teams will receive final instructions (Rules, regs, firmware ets ets) by email on Jan 16th

GT3 "on a roll"
Had a talk with Ivan Basas (Scaleauto) today, he ensured me that they have enough 1/32 SC-2020 Procomp4 wheels in stock to meet any demand/orders by retailers. As mentioned before Src Eindhoven has ordered them as well, and contrary to pervious post..have ordered more than 15 sets. This only to help teams who's local retailers do not take these wheels in stock.
But maybe the best bit of news received from Scaleauto is that in 2022 sponge rubber for the Scaleauto wheels will also become available as "donuts".👍👍👍
So those of you with plenty of run down scale auto wheels, will be able to resurface them with fresh new (sponge) rubber.
Procomp3 will become available from 1st quarter 2022, Procomp4 will follow shortly after.

The Big ..."but" part 2
Unfortunately the ever lasting pandemic forces me to end this otherwise very positive post with a less positive note.
As of nov 28th 17:30 new Covid restrictions and measures have been applied by the Dutch Gov.
These include a partial lockdown of non essential shops, bars, restaurants and sport facilities.(as in slotrace clubs) Opening hours for these now restricted from 05:30 to 17:30
On dec 14th Dutch Gov will review the (hopefully positive) effect these new rules will have had on the number of Covid 19 infections and IC/hospital capacity.
But history has already proven these measures to linger on and be extended by several weeks.
Should these still be in place by end of Januari we will be forced to alter the time schedule for the event and cancel our joint dinner at the restaurant (as it will be closed).
We will keep you informed on Dutch Gov developments a.s.a.p.

For those of you who travel from abroad, I can only give you the most firm advice to keep monitoring the developments on rules, regulations and possible restriction issued by you local governments...
...and should transit through 3rd countries be applicable monitor those as well.
It can save you from some very stressful moments during your travels.

But let us remain positive, if all goes well I do look forward to welcoming you all in Eindhoven end of Januari.
As I'm sure that it can become..yet another classic event.

On behalf of the SRC Eindhoven organization
with kind regards

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And just when you've hit the "post" button you receive a team update.
Danish Roadkings switching from Porsche Spyder to its 2020 steed, the 2015 # 17 Porsche 919.
Consequently I have switched O2 ID's for RoadKings and Exiles.
RoadKings now on ID #7 and Exiles on ID#3.
As mentioned call Jan 15th 2022.

With kind regards

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Dec 16th 2021 Update

The Big ..."but" part 3
Hello Slotfriends, I promised that I would keep you updated on any new developments that might have its influence on the running of the 2022 Low Lands Suzuka Double digital. Unfortunately the news isn't very good.

As mentioned before, current Covid restrictions and measures applied by the Dutch Gov. since nov 28th were up for review on dec 14th. As we feared these restrictions have not been relieved...but extended at least till the next review planned for Jan 14th 2022. The main reason for the extension..the new Omikron variant now rampant and replacing the previous bad guy "Delta" all over Europe (Including British Isles).

Plan B "Lockdown alternative" Time Schedule 2022 Low Lands Suzuka Double digital

What troubles us most is the now more than likely scenario that the restrictions will be extended again.
Specifically the "Lockdown" opening hours for all non essential facilities (like the Src Eindhoven) restricted to 05:00 - 17:00 hrs. Should these restrictions still be in place by Jan 28th 2022 we have no choice other than to adjust the time schedule accordingly.

Friday 28 januari 2022 DiSCA GT3 / WEC 6hrs Suzuka Free Practice
- Doors open
13:30 - 16:30 Free Practice WEC & GT3
17:00 - Close Club

Saturday 29 januari 2022: DiSCA GT3 / WEC 6hrs Suzuka Free Practice
Doors open
07:15 Registration Controller & ID check DiSCA GT3
07:30 Bar open, Free Practice (60 min), Priority given to teams that did not participate in Friday's Practice session
08:30 Driver's briefing DiSCA GT3
08:45 Timed Practice & Tech inspection. DiSCA GT3 (60 mins
09:50 Rostrum position choice based on best time from timed practice.
09.55 Line up Grid Race 1
10.00 Start Race 1 (90 mins) DiSCA GT3
11.30 Intermission

11:50 Tech inspection Race 2 DiSCA GT3
12:00 Line up Grid Race 2 DiSCA GT3 (reversed grid from race result race 1)
12.05 Start Race 2 DiSCA GT3(90 mins)

WEC 6hrs Suzuka Practice
13:45 - 14:45 Free practice/ Registration/ Hand out materials, controller/chip check & pairing
14:45 - 16:15 Timed practice
16:15 - 16:30 Parc Fermé (note: only handout parts must be placed in the Parc Fermé)
17:00 Close Club

Sunday 30 januari 2022, WEC Suzuka 6 hrs Endurance
Doors open
07:15 - 07:45 Hand out race motor & tyres, controller/chip check & pairing
Release cars/parts placed in Parc Fermé
07:30 Bar open

07:45 - 08:00 Racebriefing
08:00 - 09:00 Timed Qualification & Technical Inspection
09:00 - 09:30 Concourse & Team photo's, Driver Rostrum selection based on qualification result.
09:35 - 09:40 Grid formation
09:45 - 15:45 WEC Suzuka 6 hrs Endurance
16:00 - 16:30 Award ceremony .
17:00 Close Club

As you can see, we've managed to shoehorn all the usual items of the Double Digital event in 10 hrs per day.
We can't start earlier than 07:00 as there will be no "public" transport available before that time for teams traveling from their Eindhoven Hotels. We can't finish later than 17:00hrs, missing the closing time is not an option.
We're well aware that it is a tight schedule, one we'll only be able to keep with the swift cooperation of all participants.
If any of the items runs late it will have consequences for the following one(s).
So the only way we can regain "lost" time is by shortening "track" time for the following item(s).

Additional Covid Concerns... for all attending the event
Unfortunately, there are more Covid related concerns that we need to inform you on.
Current Dutch regulations require us to check and admit only people with a valid (inter)national QR-code.
Use of face masks is required when not seated (at a table/workstation)
With 15 teams we can expect a gathering of ≠ 45 - 50 people, it would be greatly appreciated if those attending would do a self test prior to traveling to the club premisses. Better safe than sorry.

Additional Covid Concerns... for non "local" attendees
For those of you who will travel to Eindhoven and stay in a hotel/B& Party time in Downtown Eindhoven after 17:00hrs. Lockdown opening hours also apply for (Hotel) restaurant & bars. Ordering food is still possible, take away can be delivered at your Hotel or ordered from the Hotel menu. Covid has killed roomservice so you'll have to pick up your food at the reception. I would advise you to make inquiries at your Hotel for more details on their food/ Covid policies.

Additional Covid Concerns... for "Foreign" attendees
Here I can only repeat what I've posted before: For those of you who travel from abroad, I can only give you the most firm advice to keep monitoring the developments on rules, regulations and possible restriction issued by you local governments...
...and should transit through 3rd countries be applicable monitor those as well.

For example; due to our trip to Rockingham last November I still receive the GOV.UK updates.
As of December 7th all people traveling (back) to the UK (including vaccinated UK citizens) are required to enter Self Isolation /Quarantaine for min 2 days. Book and pay for a day 2 PCR test, and can only release themselves after being tested negative. Meaning that for our British friends, return to work on Monday after a weekend trip abroad is no longer possible..Wednesday would be the earliest with the additional cost of a PCR test.

Additional Covid Concerns... for "Fly in" attendees
If lockdown measures are still in place by end of januari this will also have its consequences for the traditional "shuttle service" provided by and to the Src Eindhoven. Because with most of the flights arriving in the late afternoon, driving guests to the club will be of little use as it will close at 17:00 hrs. Instead we will drive you to your Hotel/booked lodging.
However here to there will be Covid restrictions: Max 4 people in a car (driver included) and facemarks required. Meaning that my record of shuttling 5 Brits in one drive... will remain least for 2022.

When the going gets tough.....
...the tough get going, which is why I and the whole Src Eindhoven will remain positive.
For as long as its possible we will continue to plan, prepare and host the Suzuka Double Digital event.
But to do so we also need to be realistic and have scenario's in place so we know what to do in case of a "what if". And I see it as our duty to inform you as early as possible on what those "alternative scenarios" might be.
Hence this long and boring post.

Hopefully Covid measures and Booster campaigns will have its positive effect on the pandemic. Should restrictions be lifted by Jan28th ..well than this whole post will happily become a redundant piece of text.

To be continued

On behalf of the Low Lands Suzuka Organisation
with kind regards

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Font Automotive exterior Advertising Event Fictional character

Dec 19th 2021 Update

Hello Slotfriends, it has been just 3 days since our last update, unfortunately the news I have to share with you is not good.
As a result of a new Lockdown for the Netherlands issued by the Dutch Government, effective from Dec 19th 05:00 hrs till Jan 14th 2022, the Src Eindhoven has decided to postpone their Suzuka Double Digital event.

The main reasons for the postponement..first of all the new Omikron variant now rampant and replacing the previous bad guy "Delta" all over Europe (Including British Isles). Previous "lockdowns" have never ended at their expected termination date, we feel that the original 29th-30th Jan 2022 date is no longer a realistic option.
Secondly the current EU ban on inbound travel from non EU/Schengen countries would prevent our British friends from attending the event.
To be honest it would not be the same event without them, so...a new "concept" date of May 14-15 has now been chosen for the event.
We hope that by that time international travel will be possible again.

As a result of the Covid/Corona induced postponement, a full refund of paid entry fees can be made to any of the teams if they require so.
All Team captains have by now received an email with more details...and for some...maybe a bit of good news.

Feb 19-20 2022...A tiny speck of light at the end of the tunnel
So far I've had the ungrateful task of being the bearer of bad news, so I'm very happy to end this mail with a tiny bit of good least for some of you.
Even though the full blown Suzuka Double Digital is now postponed and the SRC Eindhoven has closed its doors, the moment that Dutch Gov ends the current lockdown, the club will re-open and the Suzuka track will be available for O2 racing again.
We might be laymen but we think we can make an educated guess that even with the Lockdown lifted..some restrictions on social distancing and opening hours will most likely remain in place. If these restrictions are similar to what we had prior to Dec 18th 2021..then the Src Eindhoven will proceed to organize a 4 - 6hrs WEC event.
The concept date for this has also been chosen... Feb 19-20 2022.

A "Single" Suzuka event
Due to possible restrictions in opening hours still in place by that date, we're working on a program and time schedule that will be a "light" version of the Suzuka Double Digital.
By dropping the GT3 races from the weekend we'll be able to start at "normal " opening hours and still have time to finish all activities and close the club by the expected end time of 17:00.
Health precautions will mean that we'll be aiming for a limited number of ≠ 12 teams to be able to maintain the Dutch 1,5m distancing rule for workstations etc etc.
With international travel restrictions expected to be still in place 1st quarter of 2022 this event will be mainly for "Local" EU based teams.
As with the postponed Double Digital event in May, those teams currently on the entry list will be granted priority to the "Single" Suzuka event.
If your team would like to participate....please do inform us via the Teams app or email.
Any questions or feel free to contact us.

We realize that this "Single" Suzuka plan contains a lot of "if's" and will only bring light to some of the teams..not all.
But in these dark times ahead of us we thought it was good to be able to give at least some of you a "tiny speck of light at the end of the tunnel"
We hope to provide those who can attend an opportunity to race and prepare themselves for the "Big One"

I personally do hope to see most of you at the DiSCA Le Mans 24hrs.
Further updates for the Suzuka "Single" event can be expected after Jan 14th 2022.

On behalf of the Low Lands Suzuka Organisation
I wish all of you good health, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

To be continued

with kind regards

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Sad news, but not unexpected, given the circumstances regarding the current COVID situation.
Better to call it off/postponing the event at this moment, than waiting until it becomes inevitable and it has to be called off last minute.

For the moment Corvette Racing will keep the entry for the conceptual new date.
If anything changes, I'll let you know.

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Any news on whether the event will take place on the provisional date?
I've heard some (unofficial) news about some teams not being able to attend on the concept date of mid May...
Yes postponing and or moving race dates will always have that effect unfortunately, just take a look at how it has effected the entries for the 2022 LM 24hrs.
As mentioned earlier we've set a concept date for the Suzuka Double digital for the weekend of 14 -15 May.
A lot will depend on if and when current EU Travel restrictions for non EU citizens (read British Slotracers) will be lifted, as we would like to run this event with all the regulars being able to attend.
We are very sorry if due to other previously arranged obligations some of them won't be able to attend, we duly realize that this postponement will not make everybody happy.
But I still think that postponing the event was the best of the bad options we had at the time.

We'll keep you updated

With kind regards
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