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I tried out my new Scalextric Lister on the club Ninco track (with the magnet - this is how they are raced at our club). Unfortunately, the car has a very nose-high stance (perhaps caused by the high mag downforce of Ninco track creating a large pull at the rear) and tends to chatter at the front under heavy acceleration and is prone to unpredictable understeer.

The problem seems to be that the new type of guide flag is mounted on a round disc section but the disc protrudes quite far from the underside of the car causing the nose to be high. In fact once the car has some running on it and the front tyres are worn a little I think it will be a natural tripod.

Has anyone had any success modifying the new guide to lower the nose?


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Not other than sanding it.

I have run the new lister and the TVR T400 (also with the disc guide) at Phoenix's Ninco track and haven't had any problems.

Have you tried swapping the disc? You might just have a duff one.
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