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Looking for help on how to wire up alternative controller and power supplier to my Carrera Go track.
I have a Ninco 70 ohm controller that I would like to use and I want to make a fly lead with a 3.5MM jack socket to take the Ninco controller. I have a spare Carrera contoller so am happy to cut the lead or unsolder from the controller just need wiring info please.

Also best way to connect allternative power supply. I'm looking to use one with adjustable voltage output. My tack is set up as a single lane (using 1 crossover about 36 mtrs running length) and I was thinking of getting a stepped output supply from Maplins (poss 15, 12,9 7.5 or 6 Volt) or any other recomendations? . Again just like to know best way to connect

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