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Mabuchi motor variation?

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Evening all, has anyone noticed the extreme variaton in performance among the Mabuci motors that Scalextric and Fly are using lately? I have just been handed a most disappointing Scalextric Camaro. It was supposed to run against their Mustang. The chassis are the same, sidewinder layout. Length and track are the same. The Mustang runs a 4.2 second lap (best on 55.3 feet of track) The Camaro barely runs 5.3 seconds. Two weeks ago I bought two Fly 917 porsches, one runs 4.8 seconds, the other 4.4 seconds. they are tuned identically for competition with each other. .4 seconds is a very large gap on the track. All these cars have their stock Mabuchi motors. The faster motors have been switched among the cars and the variaton lies with the motors. I'm considering always buying the Slot It motor, the way I always buy better tires and magnets when I buy a new car. (So I can spend more money to field a car.) I'll stop whining now. Anyone else?
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And herein lies the fallacy of "box-stock" racing. When I was involved in SCCA racing in the 50's, it was quite clear that the preparation of a competitive "stock" sportscar was a more expensive proposition than running a modest "modified" car of comparable performance.

The search for a good motor, round wheels and decent gears can quickly cost more than the substitution of better parts from Slot-It, BWA etc. When I returned to slots in '95, I began with a batch purchase from someone who had accumulated a vast Scalextric collection (and, apperently, an equally vast collection of debt) It included about 30 spare motors. I have found a very significant variation among them.

In terms of current production, my experience is that there is a spectrum - Fly cars are totally unpredictable in terms of performance while the Scalextric IRL cars appear to be remarkably closely matched.

A note of caution: Track times may reflect motor suitability rather than motor output. Depending on the track, a milder motor may offer better overall balance and shortr lap times especially in non-magnet cars.

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