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Mag racing. Has anyone tried this system?

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Wondering if anyone has seen or had a try of Mag Racing System.

The cars are guided basically by a magnet following a steel wire embedded in the track . They can be steered from one side of the track to the other by radio control. Speed is controlled by radio and cars are powered by a single rechargeable Lithium ion cell. Run times are in excess of 10 minutes using a single AAA cell which is inexpensive and quickly recharged.

There is also a video to downlod showing car in action on the track.
Thanks Luka
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Hello. these are the batteries I will be using. Much smaller and 600mah.

With this much power the need of quick replacement would not be an issue.
@Drifter2. Battery placement. On rc hellicopters they have a slot made into the landing gear for the battery. I will do the same. I plan on making a motor pod that will hold the motor, axles, and battery. Kinda like a slot-it pod.

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We are at last back in business. Our new price list and order form are now available on During the production break, we spent some time
investigating new race and radio systems to see if anything better had appeared. The two race systems we looked at can steer the cars from one side of the track to the other
the other but steering a perfect racing line or fastest line through each corner does not look feasible because human reactions are not quick enough. The cars would
either turn in too early or too late giving an unpredictable line through the corner at what would probably be a too fast or too slow speed. Only a slot or a guide wire
will enable the corner radius, and therefore the speed, to be judged correctly. These systems do not seem suitable for serious racing.
Alternative radio systems and frequencies have been looked at but quite frankly we cannot see anything better, or even as good, as the system we have which is
testament to our local electronics engineer who developed it.
So we decided to make some small improvements, continue with what we have, and work towards extending the product range. Longer wheelbase chassis and
cars will be available in the summer. These will be a little more expensive and so the short wheelbase sports car range will continue to be the best value for
newcomers to the hobby. The improvements, notably better rear axle bearings, make this batch of cars the best yet.
Our apologies to those who have been waiting.
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