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Mag racing Thunder Slot M6A

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The soft chassis on the McLaren's don't accept mags well at all. Wondering if the hard or stiff chassis / motor mount will work for mag racers??

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Don't use magnets but i know a person who does and he found with the flexi standard chassis the strength of the magnet pushed the chassis down enough to hit the track on his scaley sport, he also uses the NSR Classic 21x10,s on the rear to help the ground clearence , he fitted the hardest chassis and pod which cured the problem
Great.....Dealer suggusted the same.

Looks like just a motor pod only change would work.
If the magnet is mounted on the hard motor pod, you might just get away with it but as Peter Gunn has said, you will almost certainly need to put larger diameter rear tyres on.
The Thunder Slot mags have enough downforce for TWO cars??? Added small button mag positioned behind base screw hole seems to work just fine until I get the Hard motor pod and Hard chassis.......$$$$$$$$
Yes.....but so good looking! Mine is very quick around my non-mag wood track with only change being silicone tires.
I believe the Thunderslot are the fastest 1:32 historicals cars nowdays, plus they have good looks, taking account of the performance of these cars, I don't think they were made to be raced with mags... Have not raced with mags since 2003, so can't help you much buddy.

I would try a S&B solution, may be a thin small sheet of styrene on the chasis will reinforce it and hold a mag in place.

Or maybe a flat sheet mag type, kinda the ones you put on the fridge, cut it and glued on the chasis.

Good luck with that.

Emailed Thunder Slot as to what Cot (Motor Pod) desinated for mag use. Awaiting answer.

Design has three slots in the pod for something whether mag or some type of weight!!!
Still awaiting responce to email on website and to [email protected]

Has anyone ever contacted them???
In August everything shut down in Italy.
View attachment 230769 My best Livery was the Slot-it Kouros Mercedes and Carrera's Carling Black Label M20 McLaren. But looking at the Thunderslot....detail may have them all beat???

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Depending on what class you race, a Piranha 25k motor, and a stiff pod (dark grey) will give you a ton of downforce and lighten up the car a bit while running the stock chassis. If you want to have even more fun, add the spring kit. The car will go well with this set up and the stock size tires. Also if you happen to run wood track, just as competitive. YOU WILL NOT need additional magnets.
ShoeGoo will put a magnet where the heck you want
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I think these TS cars are the ideal candidates to give a try to magless: they require minum tuning to make them go well.
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I think these TS cars are the ideal candidates to give a try to magless: they require minum tuning to make them go well.
Exactly!!! These are the best non magnet cars I've ever built or rebuilt. I've owned 8 I'm down to 4.
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They are nice rides but the era and models are not really my cup of tea.

Still, I have got two white kits of the Lola coupe and spider.

I am looking forward to some of their ponies.
Thunder slots dominate "classic GT" at both of magless clubs I race.
The only achilles heel is that thunder slot do not make an inline long can pod for their cars.
It might be possible to build a policar ferrari 412p inline long can to out gun the horde of lolas.

I am not sure why I would like to have an in-line long can over the nice and stable sidewinder configuration.

Unless you want to make use of the more powerful magnets of the long can in which case you are doing mag racing...

Actually TS makes an AW pod for long can.
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