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The Spanish magazines GSR and Mas Slot have english speaking versions. They are both really nice - personally I think they are written with a fanstastically enthusiastic attitude - would make anyone happy...

Otherwise you have the US magazine 'Model Car Racing' it is taking it self noticably more seriously, but is quite alright to read.

Then ofcourse you have the UK publication 'Model Slot Car' this is not as glossy as the others but the editorials are often written with a cheeky attitude and is a pleasant read.

Personally I think you get a lot for your money if you take one of the spanish ones. But I would not recommend anything else than that you get yourself a copy of each and then decide what suits your taste etc.

You can get these magazines from both Pendleslot and MRE. It is definitively worth trying them out at least once before commiting to subscription...

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