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Magic ARC App - Requests

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This topic is for requests.

What next:
- Incidents
- Qualify
- Weather
- Statistics

What next later:
- Multiple device support (each driver may use a dedicated device to see his personal information only)
- External sensor support through WiFi (maybe a raspberry/arduino device which control sensors and communicate with the app)
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Thank you Magic. Is the app autoupdating on Windows?
Hi Magic
Is it possible to have a "race end" setting where all cars continue with the low calibrated speed as soon as leader crosses the finish line? We use immediate stop, but that results in cars stopping where they can be hard to reach.
Hi Magic,

Happy Christmas. Hope you have had some time to yourself.

When I use the above setting the cars dont stop immediately, which is what I am seeking.

How much of a time lag between the winner crossing the line and the remainder getting the message to stop?

Can you, or have you documented the finish scenarios, please.

Thank your Paul


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1 - 2 of 646 Posts