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Magic ARC App - Requests

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This topic is for requests.

What next:
- Incidents
- Qualify
- Weather
- Statistics

What next later:
- Multiple device support (each driver may use a dedicated device to see his personal information only)
- External sensor support through WiFi (maybe a raspberry/arduino device which control sensors and communicate with the app)
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Unless I missed it in the settings can we maybe have the final race stats for each driver at the end of the race on screen instead of or in addition to the checkered flag?

Also not sure if its possible or not but how about a quick link to upload race results to Face Book, you might even be able to put a link to the screen shot back to your website for further promotion?

Just a thought

Great work Magic, no offence to the Arc One App but yours is so much easier to manage and use!
One day
I'll finish the final statistics and they appears at the end of the race
(I'm at 85% of work)

Uploading on Facebook, I'll add to my todo list
I didn't realize your still working on it, awesome work sir!

I have one question and maybe we can take to PM's why doesn't my Fuel Gauges work in race mode, I can get Tire & Kers but no Fuel?

I have tried toggling fuel on and off in settings but nothing?
1 - 2 of 646 Posts