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Magic ARC App - Requests

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This topic is for requests.

What next:
- Incidents
- Qualify
- Weather
- Statistics

What next later:
- Multiple device support (each driver may use a dedicated device to see his personal information only)
- External sensor support through WiFi (maybe a raspberry/arduino device which control sensors and communicate with the app)
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what do you mean? actually you may enable/disable the rumble for each controller. do you want a more control on each controller?
There are meant to be differences in the type of 'Rumble' on the original...I can't say I noticed to be honest


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Thanks, this means the Fiat will only be going about 170mph
Running NoS perhaps?

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If the YF can be resumed by controller from the one who called it (or by tapping the screen), why each players should ack the start?
It's not unheard of that the driver who calls the YF is not the one who actually caused the 'accident', but was taken out by another driver and more than one car needs to be re-slotted
Also in digital mode???
If you want to run Carrera cars in/on ARC PRO you need to fit the Universal Hornby SSD Upgrade chip...some cars are easier to do than others
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My group again would like to request that the race timer stops when the yellow flag is invoked, as it was in the previous version. This way the average lap times will reflect actual racing speeds. With the timer continuing it has been making refueling decisions more difficult.
Thanks again magic.
Hi Magic,

I'm with Dave on this, not for the refuelling, but just for average lap the end of the race we each know our fastest lap but have absolutely no idea of our average lap times
I would like the option to turn off auto update the software when a new release is launched. The older version can sometimes save embarrassment down the club until the new releases are proven and bug fixed.
You don't mention which system you're running...but in the Windows Store you can turn off auto update (in Settings)

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Sorry, I am using the android app.
You can turn auto update off in Play Store also (in settings)

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Anybody know what the damage repair time under general settings is for/when you would want to use it?

Also what is DNF no acceleration wait setting do?

Thank You
I'm not sure what the damage repair time is for...I think at one time there was a plan to link it to whoever called the yellow flag i.e. caused an accident and in so doing had to wait a certain amount of time for their car to be repaired.

The DNF one I replied in another thread and wasn't corrected, so it should mean that if a car stops for any reason and the trigger on the controller isn't used the car is DNF (Did not Finish) and the race will end normally without waiting for that car to cross the finish line
Makes no difference. Also when I close the app, the ornage led on the pb turns on ( Bluetooth disconnected) but also no power on the controllers...
Mine does that when using Windows, I have to turn off the power and then turn it back on again
Are you able to drive cars after starting the app? I have no power on zhe controllers until I hit the Start Race button.
Yes I still have power to the cars once the app is open to begin a race (occasionally someone will hit the trigger before the countdown starts and the car will move) issue is before the cars/drivers are selected and at end of the race...I have no power to the controllers until I go past the 'Prepare to Race' window...and no power to the controllers once the race has finished
May you disable "No car power in menu" option under "General Configuration" of the main hamburger menu. Please double check, and disable it.

Then retry... close the app, just in case.. as another retry.
Hi Magic,

This is how she was...

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Tried it like this and it made no difference...

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Neillie, turn it off.

Then try to close the app, turn off and then on the powerbase.
Do the cars have power?? Yes
Open the app, and now?
Then try to close the app, turn off and then on the powerbase.
Do the cars have power?? Yes
Open the app, and now? No

But when I came out of the app I did have power this the past I've had to shut the PB down and restart to get power back
Just update the manual, with the weather description.

@Neillie I also fixed you issue with the power on menu
Hi Magic,

Got to race using the new version on Sunday...I have the weather turned off but after about 15 laps I hear the sound of rain and it 'seems' as if the cars are slower. One of the guys racing said he was only braking for two of the bends on the track, this was using NASCAR's and that never happens

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I'm finding that the Magic App is not counting the laps correctly, not really finishing on one of the pace cars and only one of the three cars I am using is recording lap speeds or so it seems. Has anyone encountered this type of problem? If so, how did you fix it? I've tried deleting and re-downloading the app from my iPad with no success. It just keeps behaving the same. It's weird because it had been working fine previous to the last update.

I've no idea where you are, but I've had similar problems recently, all down to heat, and my track buckling/bending...the cars were lifting out of the slot as they crossed the start/finish line causing missed laps
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