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Magic ARC App - Requests

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This topic is for requests.

What next:
- Incidents
- Qualify
- Weather
- Statistics

What next later:
- Multiple device support (each driver may use a dedicated device to see his personal information only)
- External sensor support through WiFi (maybe a raspberry/arduino device which control sensors and communicate with the app)
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This is a request maybe for someone in the community. If they can put up a YouTube video of the app when it's all done. Like with all the features how to set it up ect. Thanks. Magic thank you for all your time.
Hello Magic, in the scaley app they have a picture of the car while racing is there a way to put a car or a picture of yourself there above or under your name. I like seeing a car or picture it might be to much for the enthusiasts. Thanks
Hello Magic, just wondering if your apk has rumble on the controller working my 5 year old son loves it. It doesn't seem to work like the scaley apk. Maybe you can put a slider on it so for those who want to use it and for those who don't. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but my controllers only rumble with the scaley apk thanks
Hello Magic, your apk on Android is working like a charm. Is there any way to get some sound like car passing the start line or something. Sounds would be great and it's nice to see you are still here working on your apk. Thank you for everything. I will try and post more videos of me and my son playing again. My track is on a table now but still a newbie.
1 - 5 of 646 Posts