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How about having a teams element to the gameplay? Will be required for digital tracks (in most cases), where the drivers are allocated to 2 or 3 teams (depending on the number of drivers. 4 drivers for 2 teams or 6 drivers for 3 teams - and can include pace cars if there aren’t enough drivers, can include pitstops or not for human drivers), so that they are competing for the win, plus also how their team performs. I think this will add an additional dynamic to the app?

One suggestion for the team that wins would be the total of the lap times (lowest total team time would be the winner) for each team will decide the winner. Another suggestion to determine the winner would be points per placement for each driver, so the highest points would win.

Another idea of the team event would involve, sharing cars - x number of laps for one driver, then the car switches control (for those with multiple controllers - 1 for each driver) to the next driver (of the same team) for x number of laps (and it keeps switching until the total of laps are finished). Would need each car to go into the pits and then pause for x seconds then change driver - with a notification. Gameplay can involve teams sharing the controller if there aren’t enough to go to all team members, so there could be a prompt to handover the controller to driver [name]. This could scale up where teams of 5 could play each other - sharing a controller - up to 6 cars.

Again, the team element could extend further, if there are multiple controllers assigned to each team, when they pit, their team mates will have to press buttons to perform the functions.
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