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Hi, yes i'm fine. but atm I've a lot of work and I can't find free time to finish the web version (it will no longer be necessary to use an application, just use the browser). :(
Hi Magic,
Hope all is well, thanks for your hard work on the app. I have a few suggestions, hoping you can consider (I'm using the Windows version). Anything to reduce the need for using a mouse anywhere possible would be great. For instance, you could make it easier to start races by having the control button selected for starting the race to be able to use the just keyboard and not rely on mouse. Currently, I use <SHIFT> + <TAB> then SPACE or ENTER (can't recall offhand if either can be used or just space bar) to get the race started.
If you are redesigning into a web app, that is intriguing and look forward to testing.
641 - 641 of 641 Posts