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Magic ARC - Export Database

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I can't figure out how to "Export Database" (see attached). Please tell me how.

Here's what I've tried... Using the "Choice Panel", I've tried creating a shared folder on my C drive and on a thumb drive. The choice panel nearby sharing feature can't find either. I don't have email set up on my computer, so I can't use that option. I have the '7-Zip compression app' on my computer but the panel can't find that either using it's 'share with app, find more apps' feature.

What am I doing wrong ?

Azure Rectangle Font Screenshot Line
Azure Rectangle Font Material property Screenshot
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I think I had the same issue as you, or at least, my solution might work for you.
What I did was install the Clipboard app that allows me to "copy" the database and then I can "paste" it in any computer folder.
This is the app I use:

Give it a try ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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