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A few generalised comments

Magnets so magnificently cover up almost any and all flaws in a car, that it is impossible to forecast the detail of what might happen when the effect is removed.

One of the most obvious series of factors that are likely to emerge are non-roundness of wheels and tyres or slightly bent axles. Weight is unlikely to do anything to alleviate these problems.

Another is a tendency to deslot easily. This could be due to quite a few factors that magnetic grip can cover up, ranging from sloppy guide posts to unsuitable (too springy) pick-up braids.

Very generalised is a lilkelihood that around 5 grammes weight towards the nose will help keep the front end planted, with the likelihood of another 5 grammes mounted anywhere from the centre backwards where it will help to smooth out the rear end.

If you are lucky enough to find you have a car with none of the common basic faults mentioned, or any others, you MIGHT just find that the car runs well anyway! Of course you can do all the well-know prep work to the car to ENSURE that it has none of those faults and, ideally, you should do that anyway. But I would strongly advise being prepared, with a pocket full of lead and suitable adhesive, to be on the safe side.

This is incredibly generalised and will likely attract a lot of disagreement, but I can handle that just fine!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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