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Even if you had magnets you believed to be identical (which is hard), AND cars which are seemingly identical, just a fraction of a mm difference in ride height can make one car have noticeably stronger magnet traction than another with the same set up. Like Rich said, it's more useful and important that the entire unit be measured on something like a magnet marshal. There are some DIY solutions out there if you can't find, or don't want to splash for a brand name Magnet Marshal. As long as all cars are measured on the same device, and made to be as close as possible, it's all good. Remember, lots of things can change magnet traction, such as braid thickness/springiness, front wheel trueness and/or diameter. rear wheel true and diameter, chassis cup or bow, or even chassis flexibility, bushing play, not to mention the track itself having spots where the surface is high/low, or the rails are high/low. ;-)
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