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Magnet or Non Magnet...

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At long last a Company with a long history in Slot Car racing has defined the answer to the old argument as to what involves more skill..

Magnet or Non Magnet driving.

So here it is, reproduced straight from the Carrera Evolution NEW users pamphlet..

QUOTE Tuning your vehicle: Carrera Evolution racing cars offer you a number of different possibilities for adjusting the magnets in order to change the road behaviour of the car, i,e. its road holding, drift, acceleration and braking behaviour.
Beginners: the vehicles as supplied have very good road holding and braking* behaviour and only have a little drift.
Advanced Drivers: medium road holding, drift and braking behaviour are acheived by changing the position of the rear magnet and removing the spacing plate.
Professionals: maximum drift is acheived by removing the rear magnet as well as the spacing plate

Taking it one step further logically, then those of us with NO magnets must simply be Slot Gods!

I think we can take the above as an end to the 'I am better than you because I have magnets and drive faster' argument?

After all.. who are we to argue with the experts?

PS: re 'Braking*' I really hope they actually meant Braking and not Breaking !
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well in that case we had about 16 Expert racers at Wrexham today.. does it say anything about racing at full speed for an hour or so?

Also, that means I have been an Expert for a LOOOONG time!

Once upon a time in a land far far away

Beer is the only drink

Beer can fuel the mind and stop adrenaline running

Beer tastes nice too

Beer is served in pubs clubs and bars but not behind them.

Beer is not free but makes you feel good

other things are free and can do the same thing

Beer is for the knowledgeable ones.. Wines for the old fartz


whoa! er yea, we raced a 4 hour enduro without mags, so were all one better than carrera suggests so experts but I have run no mag cars for a looooong time so I have been an expert for a loooong time!

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