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Magnet or Non Magnet...

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At long last a Company with a long history in Slot Car racing has defined the answer to the old argument as to what involves more skill..

Magnet or Non Magnet driving.

So here it is, reproduced straight from the Carrera Evolution NEW users pamphlet..

QUOTE Tuning your vehicle: Carrera Evolution racing cars offer you a number of different possibilities for adjusting the magnets in order to change the road behaviour of the car, i,e. its road holding, drift, acceleration and braking behaviour.
Beginners: the vehicles as supplied have very good road holding and braking* behaviour and only have a little drift.
Advanced Drivers: medium road holding, drift and braking behaviour are acheived by changing the position of the rear magnet and removing the spacing plate.
Professionals: maximum drift is acheived by removing the rear magnet as well as the spacing plate

Taking it one step further logically, then those of us with NO magnets must simply be Slot Gods!

I think we can take the above as an end to the 'I am better than you because I have magnets and drive faster' argument?

After all.. who are we to argue with the experts?

PS: re 'Braking*' I really hope they actually meant Braking and not Breaking !
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I think that the difference between mangnet and no-magnet has to be related to the difference between a hobby and a toy.
Hobby is for adult people, toys are for children.

I'm a little perplexed. How do you guys that run box stock manage to find time to run all the classes if you separate mfgrs cars?

Hi Jim
Yes, it is a problem! This is why I am not too fond of this arrangement.
It takes around six months to be sure of running the majority of everyone's favourite cars.

A typical race day would consist of just four classes, generally two with, and two without magnets. hardly ever is there a class for anything but box stock. We always arrange to start with the no mag cars and no mag original Minis are amazingly popular! The program then works throught to the highest mag cars - it's incredibly difficult to adapt driving technique quickly enough to run the high mags first!

The classes for the following meeting are generally chosen by the lowest two losers in the current meeting. The purpose here being to ensure that the losers have influence in ensuring that THEIR favourite cars are raced next time. I have to say it doesn't make a lot of difference to the actual results, but it does stop them from complaining about the choice of cars!

It can be quite difficult equalising cars, no matter what method is chosen and it can also be difficult to gain agreement from a bunch of guys with widely varying tastes. The one-make method seems to do the job, though I repeat, it's not my favourite, partly because it involves me buying quite a few cars that I would not normally want, simply to ensure I get a race every time. We simply don't have enough members to ensure a good sized core of agreement and make it stick. Not helped by the fact that quite a lot of us travel a long way to the meetings - I am the furthest away on a 140 mile tround trip!

Incidentally, the NO magnet events always and without exception, produce by far the closest racing and by far the least damage, for the reasons you mentioned. Smashing cars to smithereens through a single split-second of indecision does not make for huge popularity! High powered mags may be appropriate for little home circuits but certainly not for our long straights, broken up by standard low radius home track curves. If it were not for having to cater for those guys who very naturally want to see their recent acquisitions doning full blast, we would probably get the magnet races reduced to almost zero and that might yet happen - I hope!
In the meantime, we try to satisfy everyone as best we can.
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I'll pretend I missed Scott,s comment since I don't know which is the "toy"; I thought they all were.

You guys may think I'm a big supporter of magnet cars. Well, I am only in classes where magnet downforce is set at a low-medium limit. In fact, I only make the high downforce cars for the proxy races where there are no limits. I personally don't like this type racing myself and prefer running with much lower downforce; be it weight or magnet. I'm a big supporter of performance matched tuning. Set the level of speed you want and then make the rules so that all the cars in that class stay within that spec. It's difficult with large numbers of cars but workable with reasonable numbers of entrants. I think spec motors probably works best. If you only have so much power to work with you can't be hanging pounds of magnets or weight on your car or you'll be in the rear. Having limited magnets with the motor or voltage rule usually allows a wider variety of cars to race together competitively. With no magnets you always find one car type that runs best and everyone uses that one type until a better one comes along, in my opinion.

PDLs TSRF is pretty close to the right idea in my opinion by developing a specific chassis and forcing all competitors to use it. The only problem is coming up with a design that fits everything available bodywise. The Slotit HRS chassis is also a good try at solving the same problem, intentionally or not.

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