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Is there any way I can measure the power of a magent using a more precise method than my own judgement?

If not, are there classes of magnets? I'm just thinking, once I get club racing, I'll probably want a bit more or less magnet. Is there any way to do this without trial and error?


Fly magent is too strong, but I don't want to be sliding all over the place. I want a magent less powerful than a fly but more than say, a ninco.

Just an example of course, but I hope you get the idea.

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Hola Nep,

very interested in the Gauss meter - I understand that in Spain it's commonly used to make sure motors are not too "open" and act as magnets on the rails

BTW : isn't Gauss metering one of the functions of DS's Pocket Checker ? I don't remember it being featured in one of your excellent reviews on Slotcenter

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