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Is there any way I can measure the power of a magent using a more precise method than my own judgement?

If not, are there classes of magnets? I'm just thinking, once I get club racing, I'll probably want a bit more or less magnet. Is there any way to do this without trial and error?


Fly magent is too strong, but I don't want to be sliding all over the place. I want a magent less powerful than a fly but more than say, a ninco.

Just an example of course, but I hope you get the idea.

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I'm intrigued now Fergy! Was there ever an HO car which did manage to pick up that hitch pin?
If it did, would the motor be strong enough to make it competitive?

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He laughs!

Yes, Diff.... cause the HO cars often have MORE magnet than 1/32!
Neo motor mags, neo traction mags, added neo button mags..... wild rewinds with 32G wire! Tough stuff!
Not my cuppa tea (if I drank the stuff
) but pretty wild!
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QUOTE (Fergy @ 16 Apr 2004, 17:38)Nep, I understand the dilemma ...To get accuracy, you need a proper gauss meter, properly calibrated, and good ones can be a bit expensive for most racers....One trick used in HO racing was to specify that the magnets could not pick up a specific metal object ...
Sorry, Fergy, I didn't explain correctly my idea.

I fully agree with you, for anyone a relative measuring is enough. Problem is when regualtions try to normalize this: they measure with one Gauss meter, I use another. With mine, motor is OK but with them motor is illegal. Which one is correct? It's hard -not to say impossible- to create an exact rule for magnets.

Best solution to use DS pocket checker is, IMHO, check first sensor position: it must be flat agaist cover, or even remove cover to keep sensor in contact with the motor/magnet. This way you will get the best, highest value. Of course you can use mechanical systems, but for 90€... well, maybe it's not as expensive as the Kelvin Bench (and Kelvin's system does not measure magnets-and will not do it)
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