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Magracing news

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No answer yet to our radio production problem but I hope to have it sorted early in the new year.
Meanwhile I have been trying out new ideas with a view to implementing these into the new production.
I have been looking at more easily available batteries, preferably ones with protection circuits and one
possibility is the RCR123, popular in cameras etc. Having built a couple of prototypes, I was pleased with
the run duration of over 40 minutes (not counting the coffee break needed half way through). As my
10440 cells were all ancient, I had ordered a new batch of the usual Trustfire blue unprotected some time ago
and they arrived today. Testing these against the CR123s would be a good excuse for a play I thought.
Amazingly,after 45 minutes, the car was still lapping at race speeds and, with my fingers frozen to the
controller, I decided to call it a day. 45 minutes on Linford 2 circuit equates to around 225 laps and 3025
route changes (lane and racing line). The coil steering actuator uses approx. half the current so, with a more
efficient coil, even longer runs would be possible.
So not much point in looking at a larger battery then!
One other small improvement I have been working on is body mounting. The triple magnet idea is easy to
adjust and instant to fit and remove. Under racing conditions however, a more robust method in needed.
The car shown, still covered in dust after it's 45 minute run, has a horizontal peg at the front in lieu of the
usual magnet. This is very positive and also allows the chassis to flex slightly. Circuit component Passive circuit component Technology Electronic device Engineering

Other pic shows the CR123 battery. This is slightly shorter so the chassis can be narrower. The chassis is
adjustable for wheelbase.
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Thanks for the update Wes,
sure is a lot of interest in Mag Racing lately.

Its always good to try new things, but with the speed of battery changes in Mag Cars and the race time per charge, its hard to imagine improving much on what we have :)

Re the radio issue I have been building a wireless transmitter from a hobby king car RC controller.
heres some pics;usp=sharing
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I had to abandon the Magracing project some time ago because of the problems of manufacturing the necessary radio gear. Although it worked perfectly, the cost and difficulties were too great. More recently however, 2.4ghz radio has become smaller, lighter and cheaper to the point where it is better than our original 868mhz system and easily available 'off the shelf'. So we are back in business.

The cars now use a servo for steering instead of a simple coil. Advantages are straight line adjustment and proportional steering 'off the wire', much like a free running r/c car. So reversing and driving back onto the track after an 'off' is now even better.

The car shown is a prototype 3d printed one. Hopefully this will soon be finalised and videos will follow.


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Hello Wes,

Good to hear from you again and good to see your back on track with Magracing. looking forward to your next post

with kind regards
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