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Make your Christmas!

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click >>>SlotForum Christmas Competition!!!<<< click

Enter and win (maybe) You KNOW it makes sense!

I would like to thank, on behalf of the Admin', the generosity of Both Sean at Pendles and Simon at Get Slotted for the prizes
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I hope that you all have fun with this competition. It's really easy, so get hunting.

Thanks to GetSlotted and Pendle's.

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Easy? You're shure? Seems I'm to stupid - just found 4 up to now - Donner, Dancer, Vixen and Prancer - have to go hunting the other 5 now, no time left to post any information

Excellent idea with this competition
and thx to the donators of the prices
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Exactly, Thomas! No time to post, work, eat, sleep...

Great fun though! Thanks, guys!

PS - Don't have Prancer yet, but I've got Comet and Blitzen, plus Donner, Dancer, and Vixen!
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...just hunted down comet - and now I've to look for Blitzen, Rudolph, .....

Too tricky and needs a lot of time to get them all I fear...
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I snagged Prancer! Up to 6 now!
But I have a feeling those last three are gonna be the death of me.....
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Blimey, I've still only found Donner !!!!!

I think it might be the firewall here at work blocking images of reindeer
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I've got 3 of them, they seem well hiden. I'm going to be on the computer the whole night !!
Hey everyone,

Are you sure you know how many reindeer there are?

If you need a hint or two, we might give one in a few days so don't despair.

Have fun
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QUOTE Are you sure you know how many reindeer there are?

Well, normally nine, but if you listen to the song about Rudolph carefully, there's ten! Remember the line "Olive, the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names...."
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Hi Nuro,
there are 9 - if the story is true

got Donner, Dancer, Vixen, Prancer, Comet and Blitzen.
Still missing Rodolph, Dasher and Cupid...
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I've got 5.. Cupid, Dancer, Vixen, Donner and Prancer..

( Cupid is well hidden
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Santa lost these reindeer this xmas, so the question is: after that eventful foggy xmas, was rudolf given permanent employment as one of the reindeer, or hired as an outside contractor on an as-needs basis
Fun stuff. I've got six myself so far. I think I bent the needle on the bandwidth meter looking for them.
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QUOTE Remember the line "Olive, the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names...."

Im pretty sure what they said was ALL OF the other reindeer.
Another fact, both male and female reindeer grow antlers. But during the winter months, the males lose thier antlers, while the females keep theirs. Santa's whole crew is all chick reindeer!!!!
I'm also only up to 5, i only registered here so I could play!!!!
7 now - just 2 left! Seems I missed them anywhere in a posting - need some sleep now..

Got Donner, Dancer, Cupid, Comet, Blitzen, Prancer and Vixen. And if I've no success to find the remainig 2 I'll serve Reindeer-steaks tonight for dinner
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I think that this is too easy. Only one day in and you have 7 already!

Read the posts as you go by folks
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easy? You're kidding! I'm searching these d***** beasts for 24h now! I thought, I've checked all postings and still not found all - even checked helpfiles etc...
QUOTE The competition is open to all SlotForum members except admin staff, moderators

Boo, hiss.

Er, Carlos Fandango ain't a moderator....
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'Carlos Fandango' is hereby BANNED !

WE KNOW who is who regardless of ID - your Admin are watching you!

What IS it with your IDs and forums Wankel baby?

NOTHING to stop you entering for fun mate! Think how smug and self righteous you could feel if you found them all first?
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