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I had a brianwave the other day, ( it won't happen again!)

I have added eyes and mouth to the Scalextric Porsche and my kids love it......

It is VERY easy to do, just put a sticky label on the screen, cut round with a craft knife, and draw on the eyes.

One thing to remember is to leave a little "light" in the pupil this makes all the difference.

We have the Triple cup set, so we have Lightning McQueen on his German Holiday ! Sally, and the yellow Pace car ( I will put a couple of 12v LEDS through the roof ( not flashing, I am not that clever !)

I have a couple of old Scaleys that have become Lemons with the same treatment.

Thought it may inspire a bit of fun.

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Hi Slotmartin,

Did you realise you can buy flashing LEDs? They look like ordinary LEDs, they just flash once per second or thereabouts. So you don't need any other electronic wizardry to make them flash.

Here's an example although these are 3v so will need a resistor (there are free resistor calculators online).

Alternatively there are 5mm pre-wired flashing amber LEDs also on the bay - these come with the resistor already wired in for 12v operation so all you have to do is wire them across your motor. They are more expensive though.

Most amber LEDs seem to come as clear - they just light up amber. You might be able to find coloured ones if you look hard enough. Alternatively get a bright white flashing LED and paint it with orange nail varnish or acrylic paint.

Have fun!
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