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There's a bunch of considerations.
And people's feelings for this can break a club into smitherings....


Slotracing, the Sport, use bananas. And basically have to with the amp's they draw!
These bananas can then be configured to coincide with more common contacts.
There's supposedly an old variant of an English contact that can be used safely.

A possible way, for those that can differentiate "live wire" from "dormant wire" is to use the more modern three pole contacts used with, as an example, computers.
Remove the wall contact....
Which in this case is vitally important!
...and substitute it with your controller.

And then you use the "dormant female" end to plug into the usually "dormant male".
The male you get from such things as computer power supplies etc.
That would make for a both cheap and relieable (And safe!) standard.

Yes, I quite agree. Don't mix high wall voltage this way.
There's just one thing... you can't mix them this way.
The end that could carry power no longer have the contact for it.

At home people tend continue with the "home plug".
The mis-connected three or six mm phono plug.

Yes, misconnected. As in...
"Why do englishmen prefer their beers cold?"
"Because Lucas invented their refrigeraters."
...the rest of the world knows to use minus for ground.

There's the added problem with not having a car in the slot while switching these plugs.
Somewhere in that switch there will be contact either between plus and minus or between power and track. A power short or max power to the car...

You also need a fairly good quality, else the "rings" tend to get unscrewed inside them.

But it is an easy and fast variant.

Some would like to see the XLR contact used.
Could work.
I do have a nagging feeling that there is a problem with them.
Not sure what it is, but something don't feel right with it.

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I never understood alligator clips. There's just no good reason for them. No good reason.

OK, I have found the reason XLR doesn't work. They "lock in place".
When racing people have this tendency to not be quite clear about what they should do in which order.
Like check that the contact actually have slipped free, before running of to your new position...

At least my tables are NOT made to withstand that kind of abuse from the generic 80 plus kilograms (still) anchored to it.
Unfortunately (in this case) XLR's are. Are made for as in "Sid Vicious in concert".

If your haste make things break, then better your controller contact than my slottrack.
(As my slottrack is routed it is the same as the table.)

The reversed power cable have similar problems, to much punch to connect and to much pull to disconnect.

Anyhow, whatever is good and works for you works good for you.

Right, I hear some muttering now.
Yes, any other contacts are to be either weak enough or have the connector on a dongle. Like a dead man's grip, sort of. Ideally.
And that dongle in a case so it's easy to stick the controller into it.

That afore mentioned 6mm phono plug, and a "turret" connector.

There are no really good solutions.
Do whatever you think works well.
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