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QUOTE (astro @ 27 Jan 2004, 05:35 PM)the other tip i have read about but not tried, is increasing the voltage on it's tack. People who have tried this say it is most reliable on 12V, but goes faster with higher voltage
I confirm that point. I am using a variable DC power supply and you can play with the voltage to make it faster. Unfortunately the right voltage will depend of your track layout and your track type (Ninco does have a better grip than Sport scalex).
I guess the best tip which have worked for me so far is sanding the rear tires. It changed my life
. Since I did it my Challenger deslots very rarely and I was able to increase the voltage. I am currently running it on a 16V setting (substract 1.2V since it's a DC power supply plugged on a Sport Scalex Power base) and I run it on slow mode. On fast mode, the car tends to deslot after a few laps. My track layout is about 13 meters with standards R2 curves, a long straight and an hairpin.

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