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The wife as usual dragged me around the shops on Saturday. Whilst out i wondered into a Games workshop Store. if you don't know this is one of those stores that sells wargamming, dungoens and dragons stuff. Anyhow they had a couple of boards set out with some great scenery on them fantastic detail. i asked one of the guys in the shop how they make their buildings and layouts. He was very usefull and talked me through how he'd made some little cottages and a ruined castle. I bought a book on making wargames terrain and it's brilliant some great tips for making terrain, buildings, But the instructions / tips on building bridges are fantastic and really got me thinking. The book has to be my best bargain so far this year it only cost £8.

Anyhow just thought i'd share this experience with you all.
Does any one else have a good source for tips on makeing building's or creating scenery?
cheers Wayneslot.
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