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Making spoilers

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I have kust bought 2 scalextricx metro 6r4's.

But they need substanstial remodelling to attain the correct look of the real car.

Does anyone have any instructions for making durable spoilers?
I know the bonnet will never look like this unless I use a resin/scratch built body, but I thought I might be able to mimic the rear spoiler and the enhanced bumpers at the front.

Thanks in advance

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Although owner of the two cars you display above, I'm sorry but I can't really help. As you will have read from my site the Scalextric car is based on the prototype 6R4 and so only ever had the side skirts that it has in the picture. The only mistake Scalextric made was the grill and lack of centre bonnet groove.

The TeamSlot car has the extended body of the final version of the 6R4 so it would be incorrect to convert your Scalextric ones unless you extend the body as well.

The front and rear spoilers are flat so use plastic card for them and as the sides are basically a box shape should also work for them, possibly with balsa wood lining as suggested for strength.

Before I realised that there was a difference in this car I did have a Vacform body that was built around the Scalextric car (from Pendle I think). If you could obtain a copy of this you might be able to use it to cast the side pods in resin. I used the interior plate to cast the engine that can be seen in other pictures of the Blue car.
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Of course they look cool they're MGs after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do we get a picture when they're done?

I think the wheels came off a Porsche that was obtained at a swap meet. It was a couple or so years ago and a make I cannot remember (at the time I only knew of Scalextric). Looking at Pendles website it could have been a Proslot 911. Had a terrible body but I liked the look of the wheels and was trying any make of chassis for scratch builds. The Metro body might need to be cut depending on what you fit.

Vac form was from Pendle. The engine was all wrong, and I will scratch build when I do the next, but with a few extras it passes.

Bonnet bulges should be quite easy with milliput.
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