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Making spoilers

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I have kust bought 2 scalextricx metro 6r4's.

But they need substanstial remodelling to attain the correct look of the real car.

Does anyone have any instructions for making durable spoilers?
I know the bonnet will never look like this unless I use a resin/scratch built body, but I thought I might be able to mimic the rear spoiler and the enhanced bumpers at the front.

Thanks in advance

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You might laugh - no, you will laugh - but I had these on my desk at Austin Rover when they first came out nearly 20 years ago.

Frustrated that it was devoid of wings I cut up one of my business cards and made the wings from that. Fixed with Pritt and spray mount then painted they looked pretty good. I used Milliput to extend the rear arch overt he door and I had - to my mind - a pretty good 6R4. It was certainly no worse that the Team Slot one pictured above - at least my front wing was straight!

Sadly, the dark ages (that period when I did not play with, or even buy slot cars!) saw my 6R4 chucked in a box and suffer a bit of damage. I decided years ago to do it properly (plastic card, etc) but only got as far as pulling of the business card extensions so I can't show you a picture.

I wouldn't recommend using an old business card, but it worked for me. I ma hoping SCX see the light and follow the excellent Delta Integrali with a range of 6R4s.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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