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Making Waterslide Decals

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I bought some waterslide decals recently, and they were complete rubbish. Four of the sheets were really badly printed, the last time I saw colour printing so bad it was done on a 9 pin dot matrix. One sheet was a little better, so I tried to use it only to discover that the printing floated off the decal along with the backing paper and they look terrible on the car. These were from scalextric-car. just to be clear, I have previously bought transfers from PSR and they were great quality.

I decided that I may as well make my own, but couldn't seem to find much information here about it. Has anyone done it, and if so do you have any tips you can share? I have found some paper available locally and checked the instructions, I'm using an inkjet so will need to spray them with a clear topcoat. But I'm sure there are probably some do's and don'ts that I should know. Any tips gratefully received.
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I don't use pdf as I am never sure that I am getting the maximum possible resolution. I can save from my graphics program to PDF at 1200dpi but i do not see any advantage in doing another conversion to the graphics. If I was working from scratch I think I would also use vector graphics as they are so easy to resize but would not do any conversions before printing.
But pdf is a vector format, no need to convert anything at all. It can be used for raster as well, but works best as a vector format.
Thanks for all the replies, I'm definitely going to give this a go now. Some good tips for me to bear in mind.
Waterslide paper is ordered, and I've had some fun putting together the first sheet of transfers I intend to make. This is partly for a pair of 1275GT minis that I've been working on and then I just filled the rest of the sheet with generic 70's style stuff that I thought I might use. This is one eighth of an A4 sheet (which is A7), so I'm planning to cut up the sheets if I can get a sheet this size to feed through the printer.


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I'm using inkjet, as that is what printer I already have. The paper I have just received is made by "Hayes paper co", don't know how good it is but that's what all the local suppliers seem to sell here.
The paper arrived the other day and I have had a go at making some decals. I'm quite happy with the results so far.
Car Tire Vehicle Wheel Hood

The number 6 on the door was a sticker that was already there, the other bits are all from my decal sheet.

Grunz, message me you're address and I'll send you one of the sheets I printed and where I bought the paper from locally.
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