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Making Waterslide Decals

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I bought some waterslide decals recently, and they were complete rubbish. Four of the sheets were really badly printed, the last time I saw colour printing so bad it was done on a 9 pin dot matrix. One sheet was a little better, so I tried to use it only to discover that the printing floated off the decal along with the backing paper and they look terrible on the car. These were from scalextric-car. just to be clear, I have previously bought transfers from PSR and they were great quality.

I decided that I may as well make my own, but couldn't seem to find much information here about it. Has anyone done it, and if so do you have any tips you can share? I have found some paper available locally and checked the instructions, I'm using an inkjet so will need to spray them with a clear topcoat. But I'm sure there are probably some do's and don'ts that I should know. Any tips gratefully received.
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Just as a thought,
it would be helpful (to me certainly and others I'm sure) if anyone who posts here who prints/produces their own waterslide decals could maybe list things of interest such as:

Printer type/make
Dots per inch (DPI)/resolution
Printer cartridge type/make
Decal paper type/thickness/make
Any special design software used
Method of creating text-alpha/numeric/or specific design
Method of sizing 1:32/1:24 to specific make/models
Method of printing/printer settings for your specific printer for best results
Any pre application decal treatment/sealing
Method of application of decals
Any post application decal treatment/sealing
Anything else of help/interest etc

This could then be used to build up an informative database under the heading "Making Waterslide Decals", which could possibly become a "Sticky".

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