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Malcolm Parker was one of the foremost collectors of VIP slot cars and models but in 2005 decided to sell his collection.
I was fortunate in being able to buy the collection which was duly split up and sold to many grateful collectors throughout the world.

Malcolm had built up a superb website detailing the history of VIP including the large scale model cars, boats and cranes that they also made alongside their slot cars.
This website is still up and running and can be found here where you will also find more info on Malcolm and his other interests.
This site has not changed in many years and I guess Malcolm no longer keeps it up to date and I would think at some point in time it will disappear from the internet.

Therefore I have decided to archive the VIP part and host it on my own webspace.
You can access it here
Hopefully this will keep this information safe for the future.

I hope I have got all the links, pictures etc correct and working (it was quite a big job!) but if anyone can find any bugs please let me know.

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Hello Phil,

Hope you pick this up, good to read everything, however couldn't make your link work, although I have read Malcolm Parkers.

Malcolms was so interesting, I have found out so much having had VIP & Wrenn motor racing circuit, I tried to contact Malcom but having read your notes now realise why I couldn't. My situation is that I have a VIP RAF Crash Tender, boxed and all original and complete apart from the foremost hatch, which has had a replacement made.

Furthermore I have the Vickers Vigor crawler tractor, boxed all complete although had a few problems with slipping gear cogs on the Mighty Midget motors, mods were made but in the end all back to original. Who appreciates these toys?? I would like to find a good honest home or is the ubiquitous ebay the answer? I am located in Somerset, your thoughts would be appreciated.

Many thanks, Jeffrey Young.
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