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To All

Just read this thread and felt the NSCC, me and Brian came in for a bit of a bashing.

Couple of points regarding the NSCC reviews. To explain and confirm I am the NSCC's liaison with Tecnitoys/Bachmann (SCX), my tasks include receiving news from them, asking them members questions, keeping members upto date with release dates and last, but not least, arranging for reviews of new models.

Over the last twelve months Tecnitoys and Bachmann have sent me approx. 12 cars, 4 for the Christmas competition, and 8 review models, of these 7 have been reviewed in the journal. In addition to the cars they also supplied track sections and accessories. All of these have been reviewed by me and apart from the Le Mans track (which I kept after review) the rest went into the Christmas competition prize lot.

I set up this liaison with Tecnitoys for the benefit of NSCC members and not for personal gain.

The review models I send out for review are given to members who are willing to write an honest review in what ever style they choose. I have only ever edited one review and when I did my comments were clearly indicated.

If a reviewer feels that the car is not up to scratch then he/she is free to say so and one more than one occasion this has been the case.

I do not ask the reviewers to give a favourable review and do not suggest a method of review.

I gave the model of the Gulf Fiat Arbath to Mr M to review and had he said it was no good I would have printed it! After the review I purchased one of these models for my own collection something I have done with most of the SCX models I have arranged reviews for.

I spend a considerable amount of my private time talking to manufacturers on behalf of the NSCC and take issue with people suggesting that I do this for personal gain.

I completely agree with Aaron's comments regarding his previous experience of sending review models to the NSCC (or someone claiming to represent the NSCC!) and then not seeing reviews printed, this particular incident set the club back several years and we have (hopefully) only just got over it. The individual concerned knows who he is and is a regular Forum contributor!

I agree that it would be better if people reviewed cars they had bought themselves, but in my experience very few people are willing to do this! Generally people buy cars they like therefore any review will be biased. I feel that keeping the review model is only fair for someone spending time to write the reviews for others.

I know for a fact that Tecnitoys/Bachmann are pleased with their relationship with the NSCC and value the feedback they get from our members through me. On more than one occasion it has lead to direct change to product specification.

If any member of the NSCC would like to complain about what I am trying to do or would like to have a go themselves, please feel free to contact Brain (the editor) or myself.

I am also on the NSCC committee and my other role is NSCC Promotion. In this role I talk to all the manufacturers, most of them on a weekly basis at the moment. Any of them reading this will I hope realise that I do not do any of it for personal gain.

My aim, via the NSCC, is to promote the hobby of collecting and racing Slot cars made by all manufacturers. I do this because I enjoy it not to bolster my personal collection or gain wealth by selling cars for a profit.

Sorry this is such a long reply, but certain members comments made me fume!

Constructive criticism if fine, but if you continue to attack manufacturers and distributors they will turn away very quickly.

Gareth Jex
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