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Hey Rich

there are differences in a range of areas. e.g.
motors (speed)
wheels - some are plastic some are metal
the tyre compound
detail levels

all of them will run on Scalextric type track - I find that when racing it is usually best to keep brands together e.g. a NSR GT40 isn't a fair match for a Scalextric one.

I tend to buy cars I like firstly and foremost - doesn't matter who makes it. That being said if each company makes the same car - then I would prefer Scalextric over SCX and Ninco over Scalextric - but others will no doubt have a different opinion.

For me I don't buy a lot of Fly cars anymore - unless I really want the car and it is a good price, as I find they require work to get them running well (I do have a few) and NSR are good out of the box - quite impressive really - as would be the Sideways cars.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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